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Monday, June 29, 2020

More on Jeff, and Pistols

Obviously, he was biased on 1911s.  To knock the 1911 off it's perch as the best pistol platform in existence, the replacement would have to much superior to crack through his bias.  I believe he'd come around it one had, but that's an exceedingly high bar to clear, that never was cleared.

Putting aside the .45ACP part of the argument.

After caliber, he stressed the 'better trigger' on the 1911.  And sure, if you have trained on the 1911 and know the trigger, those can be really good triggers.  A thing of beauty for well done ones.  Nothing like a crisp SA.  Setting aside the change that a DA/SA trigger does when going from first to second...  Were triggers really so hugely bad in the 80s and 90s?

Because now?  They seem fine.  Not gritty or heavy.

Ok, ok, I remember the initial M&P triggers when those first came out.  2.0 are better.  1.0 wasn't HORRID.

"You need the extensive training in those crappy triggers to be any good with em.  Not like with the 1911, T-Bolt."

Wait a minute.  I don't think Jeff Cooper would recommend I throttle back training in any event.  He'd want my to train long with a good-trigger 1911.  With that much training on a striker fired 'bad-trigger' Glock I'd be pretty good with it, too.  And saved $2000 in start-up equipment.

And it's not like Cooper eschewed revolvers as long as he thought you had a stout enough cartridge in your cylinder.  He trained folks on those at Gunsite (cops often had no choice of pistol).  And a Model 19 might have a glorious single action trigger, but you train it with the DA.  A revolver trigger might not crunch, but would be on the heavy side in DA, unless you get ridiculous with the springs.  Cooper dealt with that trigger.  Why box the shooting world into a 1911, until something 'better' came along?

That said, I think I want to take the 1911 to the range next trip.  Plastic 9's are fine.  But so is my 1911.


[I've never fired a Bren Ten but would not be surprised in the least if someone reported it's trigger was AWEFUL.]

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Night

This day, 45 years ago

You know, he's right

AR's ARE much better right now.  

No wonder Jeff Cooper didn't like them.  He died only just the AWB went away.  And it was only the beginning of the Forever War, GWOT.  He hated the round and the platform was forced to be stagnant.

Of course there is going to be advancements in the platform.  Both making the cheap stuff better and cheaper, and making the nice stuff REALLY nice.  Depending on what kind of a discerning rifle customer you are.  Hooray!  Capitalism.

And don't get me started on cheap and reliable magazines...

Sorry, Colonel, the poodle shooter round is gonna stick around a while.  And any replacement that you'd approve of is probably not going to be what comes next.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

It's been weeks of this

My lack of interest in... well..  anything... the last several weeks is getting a bit alarming.  Scan social media, a youtube video or two, read before bed, commute to work and get 45 minutes of podcast that way, work, and...  that's it.

I don't feel bored, but any outside observer would fell crushing boredom bearing down.  Like a 50,000 ton press. 

I don't know how to snap it.  Virus precautions make mingling about difficult, so taking up something new is difficult.  Taking up and old hobby?  Can't be arsed. 

I force myself to amble about the neighborhood.  Work the walking muscles.  Don't wanna seize up.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Serious Rut

Forgot to go to the range yesterday.  That hurts my blog fodder.

Seriously in a rut.   Trying to avoid the sauce because the liver could use a break, and when I am in a rut I over indulge.  Like one does.

Historical tidbit I learned?  President Taft had an ambassador to Mexico named Wilson that was a serious mutton-head that added greatly to the misery of our neighbor to the south during their hard second decade of the 20th C. 

President Madero had ended the long period of stability, progressive development, but political tyranny, of the Porfirato, but treated his political enemies too nicely and his friends too shabbily.  That doomed his presidency.  But it too Wilson to get him killed by his usurper.  And his martyrdom kept the revolutionary ball rolling for a long time after. 

Way to go, Mr. Wilson.  One of the worst things to ever crawl out of Indiana.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

There is no full size Shield

I guess that makes sense.  Aiming for the carry market.

Well, I guess the S&W M&P EZ versions are about full size.  Almost 4" barrel.  Aiming for the sock drawer market.  And the older hands market.

All the 9mm Shields have a thumb or grip safety too.

I'd have to get a double stack to have a pistol with none of the extras on there.  Hmph.  Gonna have to think on this.

None of this thinking matters as this is not the time to be gun shopping if you wanna see a lotta models.

Good thing I am not in a hurry because all gun sales in my state are on hold.  Interesting way to bad guns if they keep it up.  And since SCOTUS signalled they won't do anything about it in court cases, lessee is the State takes that reticence as an invitation and a trigger for the background checking machine 'failure'.

Whatcha gon' do, SUE EM to get your right back?  Ha!  What you have is all you are going to have.  Well, legally.    

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Ok, we know Roberts specifically, and the Supreme Court in general, dislike a split circuit.

Except, where Roberts sits, when it comes to guns rights cases that have a decent chance of passing a majority, resolving the split in the good guys' favor and not as Roberts prefers. 

Let's assume that Roberts absolutely loaths gun rights.  Because that is probably a fact.

And he was instrumental in denying cert to 10 gun rights cases, where more than half of those resolved a split circuit problem one way or another. 

He wants to wait out Trump.  Maybe he'll be alright in less than a year, if Trump loses.  THe Chief Justice gets some breathing room and can continue he anti-gun shenanigans when the exhausted Ginsburg can retire and replaced with a Biden pick. 

But there is a chance Trump wins.  And Cocaine Mitch holds the Senate.  What does Roberts do then?  I don't think Ginsberg can hold out for five more, is Roberts hoping she can?  If Trump can name one or more FURTHER replacement, what does Roberts do?  Trump has already been disappointed by Gorsuch, so Roberts has much less of a chance of yet another stealth Liberal getting the nom.   Does Roberts break and just acquiesce do the little people retaining their rights despite his personal preference?

But yeah, SCOTUS can ignore a split circuit if it wants to.  Sure. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

This is my favorite painting

I have a trinity of American artists that I admire above all others. Though, John Singer Sargent is a close runner up.

Hopper, Homer, and Rockwell.

And is Norman Rockwell painting is my favorite of all.

Shuffleton's Barbershop

Note, there IS gun content...

Monday, June 22, 2020

Pulpy Men's Magazine Illustrations

Like it says on the tin.

Guns and cheesecake, but with disappointing sized images.  Just another method of serving me web ads.

I can't keep up, in my dotage, with all the various social media.  And I haven't put the effort in.  Because I don't need more.  But there are other sources of better pics.

But I don't have any sex fears, ma'am.  Or even anxieties.  Got over those long long ago.  Like many things it amounts to relaxing and going with it.  If you lack confidence fake it til you gain some.  But always be learning

Or are things different in Australia.  I figure the Sheila is from down under based on her adversary.  They looks like native Australians and are armed with boomerangs.  I hope you and your Brownings get out of the scrape you are in.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Angry Cat, seen on FB

Usually the orange cats are the friendlier ones.  I guess this one got pushed too far.

Old skool.  Not the M14/M1A.

I got bad news for ya.  The dudes that bought into the superiority of the Springfield M1A battle rifle over the poodle shooters (like me) are now too old to be crawling around in the woods.  Cooper's been dead 14 years.  A whole generation of soldiers have come up fighting wars that had only really just begun back then.  A few of them have their own .308.  With much better magazines.

That tomahawk isn't much good for anything besides hitting folks with.  Bound to be more utilitarian choices that would do that as well, and other things.

But I appreciate the kitty's spirit and earnestness.  Prolly hats commies as much as me.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Oh my...

I've always liked Hopper, and this is his teacher and those are his etchings.  If he had invited me up to his apartment to look at them he could have done anything he wanted with me.  They are quite wonderful

Martin Lewis.


It's been a bad year for Corporate Logos

First Land O' Lakes

Now Aunt Jemima, Cream of Wheat, and Uncle Bens.

That British MP is angry and lots of the Kellogg's cereal mascots for some reason.

You notice fast food joints, their mascots have red hair?  Ronald McDonald, Wendy, the Burger King.  I bet Harland Sanders had red hair before it went white.   What's you bet the Starbucks mermaid is as carrot-topped as Ariel.  Whatcha bet... 

Update:  And Eskimo pie this very morning.

Friday, June 19, 2020

It sold

The old 1980s Commander I had I on consignment that wasn't suitable to custom work?  KaChing.  Finally.  I put it in... Thanksgiving?

Now I have money.  Gun money.  What to get?

Well, been looking at black plastic striker fired service 9mm pistols.  Or maybe the slim version of same.  At least I can get magazines mailed to me in Maryland for the thin ones.   I have a double stack 9mm.  Meh, it's just money.

"But you sold a 1911, T-Bolt!  The nigh perfect piece of gun engineering!"

Yeah, I don't need factory 1911s now.  I have a salvaged frame (the .45 slide is awful) that I use with the Ciener conversion kit.  Expensive .22, that.  I have two I rebuilt or built myself, and I have another bare frame for 'someday.'  In my dotage, that is plenty of nigh perfects.

"What would you do with that one frame leftover?"

Dunno.  Maybe a Commander.  Maybe a 9mm 1911.   Maybe a .45 with a threaded barrel.


This another data for gun stores.  Inventory is sparse in Maryland.  Ones I've witnessed are at 1/3 merchandise capacity and would love to be able to get more but no more to be got.  So who is the gun salesman this time?  Dr. Fauci?  Corrupt cops?  Tattooed street Commies?  Blue state Democrats?

Thursday, June 18, 2020


With all the awful current events

This year, and the last few weeks in particular, my favorite escapist reading has been the hard boiled detective stories by the chronicler Howard of Warwick, writing in England in 1066 AD. 

I appreciate that it's far removed from plagues and wars and unrest and incompetent corrupt government officials...

Well, the plagues and wars and unrest and corruption of the 21st C.  Ugh, I need a break, and it is hard to avoid the stuff I need a break from. 

Anyhoo, picking up where I left off.  Our protaganist, Brother Hermitage, just bid adieu to the King of England, who has to rush south and take care of some bidness.  He'll be back in a trice with more instructions for his newly promoted Royal Investigator, I am sure!


Yeah, I am liking this series much better than the disjointed and poorly paced Tuesday Next, which I think is suffering from being a first novel.  It didn't start very strong, #1 in this series.  Maybe Fforde gets better, but I am digging the Death series much more.  Thanks all, just the same for recommending one or the other.


And I am amazed how much detective fiction I run into lately without really trying.  It's not even my jam.  Well, not purposely.  I have had a kindle for years and years and from the beginning have sorted it into genres that fit on the 'home' page of my paperwhite.  They are, with titles stored inside:

  1. Adventure & Crime (84 items... only?  Huh.)
  2. Africa & Hunting (24 items)
  3. Asia (23)
  4. Fantasy & Future (224 items, because I have everything Heinlein wrote, and have read like 5% of those.  Honor Harrington would be here.  So would The Hobbit)
  5. History & Politics (29)
  6. Sea Tales & Techincal  (55)
  7. Western (26)
  8. World Wars & Spies (53)
  9. Reference (22)
And 11 pages unsorted after that.  Where do I put Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court?  Western, maybe.  Recession Proof your Pantry?  Reference

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Drawing Room Detectives

And others.

You know the names of Sherlock Holmes and Sam Spade and Phillip Marlow.  Perry Mason.  Hercule Poirot, and Nero Wolfe.  Charlie Chan
I've been expanding to lesser known detectives.  And not necessarily the two-fisted kind.  (Though rough and tumble detective stories are its own thing.) 

Have you head of Lord Peter Wimsey?  Loads of fun for Anglophile.  Nick CarterBulldog Drummond?  The Thinking Machine?  Mike Hammer.

I am trying to get a sampling of them all.  Writing styles and qualities vary, of course.  But there is something to enjoy in all of them, too.  So I am enjoying myself.

The latest I am interest in is Philo Vance.  Definitely the drawing room kind of detective.  Too smart by half.  Just TELL the DA what you are thinking, man.  Stop drawing it out.  Anyway, he is a Swell, a bit of a Toff, and maybe a Poof.  To use the old vernacular.  And the first book takes place in the summer of 1929.  Careful, idle-rich Philo.   Bad news is coming that fall.  He relies on deduction and psychology to get to the heart of murder mysteries, but phrenology also makes and appearance.

Philo Vance might have been the last straw for Dashiell Hammett and what pushed him to make Sam Spade, growing weary of the Drawing Room detective mystery by people that were never detectives.

Another thing I learned.  A green carnation, in the 1920s, was an outward subtle signal for a man to indicate he preferred the company of other men.

Anyway, gun content in The Benson Murder Case.  Written in 1926, but set in 1929.  Philo solves parts of it with spurious ballistics analysis.  The murder weapon is a 1911.  But a pearl handles topbreak .38 makes an appearance, unfired.  WWI looms large, and it is assumed many veterans can kill pretty effectively without becoming emotionally over-wrought about it, inured by the witnessed battlefield horrors.    

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Clarence Thomas

I wish there were nine of him

I thought this time

That at least ONE of the gun cases wouldn't be ignored.   I am very disillusions.  Even to think that Thomas and Kavanaugh, if justices MORE conservative replaced Sotomoyor and Ginsberg and Roberts, that Thomas and Kavanaugh would step up and be the 'lib justice' that deny cert.  I feel that jaded today.