Olympic rings coloring page

Free Printable Olympic 2012 games coloring pages for kids free printable coloring sheets for London Olympic 2012

olympic rings coloring page
London Olympics 2012 coloring page
London Olympic 2012 Olympic rings coloring page
Coloring page olympic rings
olympic rings coloring page 

Olympic Coloring Pages; London 2012

Free Printable Olympic 2012 games coloring pages for kids free printable coloring sheets for London Olympic 2012
London Olympics colouring page
London Olympic 2012 games coloring pages for kids 
Torch relay colouring page
London Olympic 2012 games coloring pages for kids 
London Olympic stadium colouring page
London Olympic 2012 games coloring pages for kids 
Olympics colouring page
London Olympic 2012 games coloring pages for kids 
Olympic rings colouring page


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lack Library and Gallery Hack

Materials: Lack 43" and 74" Shelves

Description: I wanted an open library to house a lot of books and have room for art exhibition as well so I started researching LACK shelves.Reviews were mixed as to amount of weight they can handle so I determined I had to attach to minimum of two studs.US studs are 16" apart and on the 74" shelves, there are NO multiples of 16" from any other holes so I
1) confirmed stud location on the wall (and distance between)
2) measured and marked future holes on the rails which I then drilled.
3) Attached rails to studs.

For most cases I was able to hit 3 studs on both lengths of shelves.I'm really satisfied with the results though I might have to add the occasional L-Bracket for some of the shorter shelves that want to dip downwards somewhat.I'm still picking paintings and statuary for the open spaces in the design.

~ Amy S, Portland, OR USA

Sleek Stainless Steel Bird Feeder

Materials: Lansa Handle (21 7/8") $9.99, BLANDA BLANK Serving bowl(5"), Drill, Drill bits, screwdriver, pliers $2.99

Start by drilling drainage holes in the bottom of the bowl.
Then drill a hole in the top just below the rim. In order to use the screws that come with the handle you will have to shorten it with the clipping blades on your pliers.

Thread the screw thru the hole below the rim of the bowl, then the extender piece then into the handle as far as it will go.Mark the screw at the excess point.Disassemble and cut the screw, you may have to make small nips to the tip of the screw to get a clean tip to thread into the handle's hole.

Reassemble if the tilt of the bowl bothers you you can insert a shim below the screw (small piece of wire, plastic etc.) however this will cause a small gap where the horizontal arm meets the bowl.I left my as is.

Insert into the ground, fill with bird seed and enjoy your new best friends as they come to visit!

~ Bambi

What happens when a 10 ton tree falls on two aging sets TULLERO outdoor furniture?

Materials: TULLERO, power drill, circular saw, 90 degree clamps, bar clamps

Description: I used some of the spare parts to rebuild one of the sets. As I was trying to stuff the remaining wreckage into a trashcan, I noticed how much (mostly) intact lumber I had left. So a few hours and a lot of sweat later, I had an outdoor coffee table. I had previously painted the chairs and bench due to some ugly sun/water damage on the wood, the table had not had any major work done - all the blue pieces were once part of the chairs or bench, and the brown were once a table. The whole thing will be polyurethane coated to showcase the weathering of the wood and paint as well as some damage from the tree. With a full, undamaged set, this could easily be turned into a normal height table - I just did not have the lumber to do it.

1) Take apart all the pieces of furniture. Save all the screws.

2) Lay out the long pieces from the bench and table to make an approximately square configuration. Depending on your asthetic taste, you may want to trim these pieces to the same length as I did.

3) Screw the long pieces from the seat of the bench into the under surface of the long pieces on either end. I put a third across the middle to take out some warp in some of the wood. If you overtighten the screws will stick through the surface of your tabletop.

4) Use two boards from the seat or back of the chairs to form a "L" shape along their length (I used 90 degree clamps and a few bar clamps to glue these rather than using screws, but screws should work. Repeat to form 4, these become the legs of the table.

5) Attach the legs through the table top using screw.

6) If you have some extra pieces you can use them as I did to form a lip around the edge

First picture shows nearly finished table, clamps still on trim. Second picture shows the same with the repaired but unmodified table from the original set.

~ J Ackerman

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Sleek, Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

photo courtesy of www.casasugar.com

Materials: RIBBA picture ledge, DROPPAR spice jars

Description: I discovered this while Googling around this morning. It's a simple, but very effective hack to create a minimalist spice rack with a cleverly stenciled RIBBA picture ledge.

Makes me wish I had some wallspace where in my kitchen I could do this same thing!
See more of the Ribba picture ledge spice rack.

~ submitted by Rob O., Odessa, TX

Flower Light

Materials: Stranne Standard Light,Thin card, scissors, glue and punch

Description: Old lights remodelled into a flower light. WIP at the moment. Thin card layered flowers cut from hand and then added to each of the tiny lights. Remove the bulb push on the flower and then screw the bulb back into the holder. Can't be too thick as the bulb won't go back on and connect.

See more of the flower light.

~ Suz, Shropshire UK