av18At Aerostar Manufacturing, we perform production CNC turning & milling to exact customer specs.

av18Our precision CNC machinery allows us to work within the tight tolerances of the aerospace industry.

We understand the importance of manufacturing production-quality prototypes. Prototypes can be made from aluminum, plastic, and more.

Using airset sand casting processes, we produce aluminum castings that are highly resistant to corrosion, heat, abrasion and wear.

Our forging partners produce high quality, cost-effective forged components every day. We are capable of offering parts from several ounces to 100 pounds in size.

All in-house assembly operations are performed based on customer-supplied CAD prints & 3D models. We also provide packaging, kitting and testing services.

We are happy to provide consulting, and re-work inspection services for a variety of sectors. All inspection services are ANSI, ASME, ASTM, ISO and Mil-spec compliant.

We provide CAD and CAE services to assist all of our manufacturing processes. As a part of our services, we perform element, strain, stress, and surface analyses.

Work Portfolio

View a selection of completed machined parts that Aerostar has manufactured for our clients.

Machinery & Equipment

With a wide range of machining centers, turning equipment, lathes, grinders and mills, Aerostar produces parts with extremely tight tolerances.

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