What can you do that the merchant doesn't? That's the key to value.

Today a guy named Michael who is a notable authority on affiliate internet marketing made a remarkably profound (as usual) statement that sheds light on two factors that are important to keep in mind while diciding what your website(s) link strategy should/will be in the next year. Michael points out that - 1. A site can be succesful pomoting one merchant. Yet, it is more rare. 2. The most important thing to focus on when reviewing opportunity and planning what you will do is "what can you make that the merchant has not yet made". Or in other words what new value can you present to users on the web that is not available yet online. Here it is on abestweb in Michael's words.

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I found PodZinger

Podzinger.com is amazing

April 20, 2006

F-shaped Marketing

This may become another trend less up-to-date marketers might fall prey to in some ways in the form of costs associated with change.Most of us who have been online in a business way have seen eyetracking studies for the past say 4 years or so. The information hardly seemed suprising when you think of your own behavior. However, the implications are now starting to hit mainstream and could represent a new approach towards content design.Full Story.....http://www.useit.com/alertbox/reading_pattern.htmlMarketing Sherpa's, Anne Holland has been speaking flutently on the eye tracking topic. In a recent listening of interview, she mentioned the costs of having eye tracking studies done has gone way down. Although there are some companies continuing to charge much more. Be Careful if you get interested in having eye tracking studies done on your pages. It seems the cost for one of the actual eye tracking machines has gone down. For most of us we can gleam the free information of these general trends in web-user behavior and test individual changes in page design and content writing.

March 29, 2006


I am very impressed by Woodcraft Corp's. recent addition to the woodworking industry.Jeff Forbes is obviously paying attention to recent news of the advertising world moving investment into internet mulitimedia in both audio and video formats. This should be good news for affiliate marketing in the woodworking markets. We're just hoping it may lead to more opportunities for the customers who also publish on the internet. Like more affiliate programs:-)Kudos to Igor for his news site from Belarus (go figure). This info was found on google news #4 ranking search for "woodworking". sorted by relevance two days after the announcement. Beating out larger news sources like PRNewswire.And it all happended on my birth-day. That just seems like such a good omen.All the best,-Danny K.

March 10, 2006

Education Value - nice clickz article

Presentation of products through education. I found this interesting to mention Home Depot.Should we see if they will be starting an affiliate program anytime soon?http://www.clickz.com/experts/crm/traffic/article.php/3590176So, Hopefully I'll get back to posting to this blog more. Now that I'm free in a sense to elloborate here as I please.Tootles.