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Chiropractic has been in existence since 1895 when DD Palmer gave the first spinal adjustment. The science of chiropractic deals with too much or too little nerve transmission from the spine and other articulations of the body but does not include drugs or surgery. Nerves control the body's functions, not only muscles and internal organs, but the trophic function of the body (keeping muscles and organs from deteriorating). Nerves also maintain organs that produce hormones, which are chemical nerves. Thus, nerve structure is very important in keeping the body in good condition. Chiropractic has continued as an alternative health profession since that time because it works very well. Chiropractors were once primary care doctors in small towns and even some medium-size cities because there was no medical personnel available. Also, at that time, people generally took better of their bodies, particularly by eating more nutritious food since 70% of all Americans lived on a farm.



Been in a car accident? Feeling bent out of shape from your daily commute? Winiger Chiropractic can develop a custom treatment plan to put you back on your feet.

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