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av免费网站不卡观看Behind every mission, base and family there is a community that provides a home to our military. From small towns to cities, regions and entire states – defense communities take different forms, but their role is the same – providing a foundation for our national security and a home for our military families.

Representing every major defense community and state in the country, The Association of Defense Communities (ADC) is a 300+ member organization dedicated to advancing issues that build strong communities and strengthen the ability for service members to defend our nation.


Survey Seeks Feedback on Military Spouse Employment
While the national unemployment rate hovers around 13 percent due to limited resumption of economic activity caused by the coronavirus pandemic,...
Army to Eliminate Officer Selection Board Photos to Tackle Unconscious Bias
A New York Times article published in May found that while 41 percent of the 1.3 active duty military personnel are people of color, only two of the...
CMSI In Action [video]
Military families adjust to the long-time challenges that come with military service, but the global pandemic has added to their anxieties. CMSI...
Pre-Existing Conditions Play Part in Most Military COVID-19 Cases, Data Says
Most of the COVID-19 cases among active-duty military personnel have occurred in patients with pre-existing conditions, according to Military Times,...
Two Navy Ships Set New At-Sea Record in Attempt to Avoid COVID-19 Risk
Two Navy ships have set a new record for time at sea, after receiving orders not to stop at foreign ports to avoid coronavirus exposure, AP...


“Final Flight”??Photo by?Senior Airman Alexander Cook